Mercedes ML (W166) 2015 – Alpine ILX-F903D



A massive screen for the Mercedes ML!


Installing the 9″ Alpine ILX-F903D in this car was our only (and lovely!) solution. Unfortunately there are no installation parts made for this car to help install a “normal” 7″ unit, like we do most of the times.

We needed to get creative and that is exactly what we did. Removing the small and dated center screen of the Mercedes was the only way to install the Alpine. Thankfully, the OEM screen offered absolutely nothing of essence.

It was a necessary sacrifice that we and the customer agreed that it did not matter at all. Additionally, we installed a 10″ Touchscreen for the rear passengers. The car has now a 2-Zone entertainment system allowing the rear passengers to watch movies stored on their USB sticks or SD Cards and listen to the audio through their wireless headphones while at the same time the driver and co-driver can still use the ILX-F903D without disturbances.

As you can see from the photos above, the integration was absolutely spot on and the car feels like it underwent some serious cosmetic surgery. The result? We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Alpine was actually a perfect fit and did not feel at out of place at all!


FeaturesProducts Used

The Mercedes now has the following features:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Navigation through Google Maps, Waze, etc
  • USB Audio / Video Playback
  • Up to 4 Camera Inputs with the Alpine KCX-C250MC multi camera selector (Already 2 are installed, for front & rear)
  • 9 Band Equalizer
  • HDMI Input
  • Bluetooth