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Networking CAT6a Robust Metal Keystone (per piece)

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Each AV infrastructure is unique

AVIT Media technology powered products simplify the distribution of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, IP streaming and point-to-point 4K / UltraHD AV signals. The AVIT Media series features a variety of modular Cat.6a products and is designed to comply with worldwide industrial IT standards as well as to fulfill the requirements of structured cabling. With its forward thinking product standards, the AVIT Media Series surpasses all applicable industry standards, including ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Ed 2.2.

Solutions for A/V via Cat. signal transmissions

With the advance in virtualization of LAN and SAN infrastructure, the boundaries of cabling industry are being pushed further out. Based on good understanding of todays vital business and technology challenges and how they impact data centers, AVIT Media offers the best-of-class physical infrastructure solutions. It is a set of complementary network copper technologies to ensure better network performance, systems reliability, energy efficiency and more flexibility for all kinds of infrastructure. AVIT Media products provide the extra advantage of performance and stability, a to be assured that the network you deploy today can carry you into the future.

AVIT Media products acquire the advantage of being engineered in one of the worlds hottest spots for high-end electronics and information technology. Companies around the world rely on the high quality of components developed and designed to maintain their own standards of quality and reliability. Industry specialists know that there is no better source for electronic components.


  • Cat.6a with up to 500MHz for 10GBase-T Ethernet and HDBaseT
  • Gold-plated precision contacts, 360° shielded connection
  • RJ45 female to RJ45 female
  • For connection of RJ45 Ethernet patch cables
  • Fully shielded metal housing, for MCA050 / MCA051 patch panels
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