Cable Pulling Tool incl. Digital Meter Counter, Fiberglass Rod Ø 3mm


GF3 – Cable pulling tool incl. digital meter counter, glass fiber rod Ø 3 mm with kink protection ending joint (internal thread RTG Ø 6 mm) and patented guiding head with twist adjustment (2 x external thread RTG Ø 6 mm). Stowed in a shock-proof plastic box. The box is splash-water and dust-proof, extremely shock-proof and therefore ideally suited for the construction site. The GF3 plastic box can be opened with only a single screw for service work. The glide-back protection prevents the fiberglass rod from accidentally slipping back into the box. Furthermore, the box has an ergonomic carrying handle and an anti-slip coating. The scope of delivery includes an 18-piece accessory set. The newly developed kink protection technology makes it possible to overcome bending radii of up to R = 38 mm. The specified total breaking load of 130 kg refers to the glass fiber rod incl. kink protection joints. Outstandingly suitable in combination with the RUNPOTEC inspection cameras.

The cable pulling loop (Ø 14 mm outside) with built-in twist adjustment and protective cap included can be used for one or more cables up to a cable diameter of Ø 12 mm. Quick attachment of the cables to the loop. Any plugs are protected by tensile load on the cable.
Optimal field of application: for pipe dimension 10 mm – 50 mm.

Application film: You can watch a short, very informative application film by scanning the QR code or at

Scope of supply: 1 x GF3 incl. meter counter in plastic box, length 20 m, kink protection ending joint on both sides (start / end), contents of the accessory box: 1 x guiding head with twist adjustment, 1 x kink protection ending joint RTG Ø 6 mm, 1 x pull-in aid, 1 x special adhesive 3 g, 1 x cable pull loop (Ø 14 mm outside), 6 x adhesive sleeves Ø 3 mm, 3 x pull eyes Ø 7 mm, 1 x starting bulb Ø 11 mm, 1 x connecting sleeve, 2 x mounting wrench, 1 x button battery CR2032


  • Integrated digital meter counter – ft/m
  • Guiding head with swivel and kink protection
  • Automatic glide back protection
  • Easy service access – open with a single screw
  • Shear stable
  • Jobsite capable
  • Splash water & dust proof
  • Shock and break proof
  • Also for occupied pipes
  • Including cable pulling loop (Ø Outside 14 mm)
  • Ergonomic holding and carrying handle
  • Inspection camera RC2 compatible
  • Total breaking load 130 kg




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Digital Counter, Fiberglass Rod, Ready for Accessories


Technical Specifications:

Bending radius: 38mm
Total breaking load: 130kg
Recommended tube Ø: 10 – 50mm
Weight: 1,374
EAN Code: 9120045476729



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