Subwoofer 15″ (38cm)  Active  2 x 500W + 1 x 1000W

BRS-15A3 is a compact, 3 channel self-powered subwoofer designed for installation or portability. With a low frequency of 45 Hz and fast response time of the 15” proprietary driver, the BRS-15A3 is capable of 135 dB SPL. Weighing 34.1 kg with integrated handles this product is perfect for portable use. With discreet installation in mind, the 500mm square design allows for easy installation in tight corners. The BRS-15A3 incorporates a 1 kW Class D amplifier with a passive subwoofer channel plus 2 x 500W mid high outputs. This unit encompasses all the power for a complete system controlled by Ohm’s pro-A-sync DSP software through an Ethernet interface. Integrated FIR-filtering combined with RMS and look-ahead Peak limiter ensures total system protection against user error. With rear mounted touch display for loading saved pre-sets, altering and viewing system status and output gain.

BRS-15A3 is a 15” reflex tuned subwoofer to be used with passive BRT series of mid high cabinets extending low frequency response. This conventionally shaped cabinet can be hidden against a wall or under seating. When used in multiples the BRS-15A3 can cover a large room and still blend in nicely to the interior. The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.

Mounting options include a threaded insert for pole mounting of mid-high cabinets, location cups for easy storage or stacking together when used in a larger system and internal pocket handles for easy transportation.

Two input and two link XLR connections along with Neutrik® powerCON® TRUE1 input and link are provided on the amplifier connection plate. Two 4 pole Speakon connectors for mid-high outputs are wired on pins +1-1 on channel A and B. The second ‘shared’ subwoofer output is wired on channel B pins +2-2.

Key features:

• 3 channel amplifi ed system
• Integrated Class D Power modules
• World-wide voltage compatibility
• Full FIR-fi ltered DSP with linear phase outputs
• Fully integrated Look-Ahead and RMS limiters
• Compact design
• RMS & Peak limiters built into DSP
• Touch display pre-set selection and gain
• 1 kW shared bass output, 2 x 500 w mid-high outputs


Subwoofers (Pro)

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Components & Features:

Driver: 1 x 15” Low Frequency Driver
Amplification: 2 x 500W (4Ω) for Satellites
2 x 500W (4Ω) for Subwoofers (for a BRS-15)
DSP: 32 Bit Floating Point Signal Processing (SHARC)
Limiters: Dual Band L00k-Ahead Peak Limiter
Dual Band RMS Limiter
Sensitivity Chassis 1w/1m:  101 dB
Max SPL: 129 dB Continuous, 135 dB Peak (Frequency Dependent)
Frequency Response (-3 dB):
Frequency Response (-10 dB):
49 Hz – 130 Hz
45 Hz – 120 Hz
Dispersion: Omnidirectional
Connectors: 2 x XLR female,
2 x XLR male,
2 x 4 pole speakON®
1 x powerCON® True1
Dimensions (H x W x D mm): 508.3 x 500 x 500
Weight (kg): 30.8
Shipping Weight (kg): 33 (1 cabinet per carton)
Color: Black
Finish Options: * Options Available in white or RAL colours on request
Weather Resistant: Not Possible due to Active Module


Fitted as Standard TP-IP Threaded adaptor Plate, Stacking foot
system, Pocket handles
Fitted as Optional TP-1 adjustable threaded pole.