XT 10K

Lynx Pro Audio

Amplifier 4 x 1600W

XT Series

The XT series is a new generation of amplifiers offering high voltage output for high headroom sound, with 64 bit double-precision 96kHz DSP processing, and an advanced power management to squeeze the last watts out of your speakers.

It also offers similar power per channel in any impedance, exceptional power sharing in asymetrical loads and a powerful and fast response cooling system.

The XT series has digital control with an extra large IPS display and touch screen panel user interface, making it easier and faster to use.

The DSP management user functionalities include input routing matrix analog, input EQ section with 8 filters and 20 memories, input EQ user section, system preset selection, a snapshot library management with up to 20 presets and master control groups.

The XT series has two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection and access to the OCS software, designed to monitor the amplifiers in real time.

DSP specifications


  • High performance 96 KHz/24 bits AD/DA converters
  • 64 bit double-precision 96 KHz DSP process
  • 0.85 ms minimum process latency time
  • Custom FIR process up to 1000 taps
  • Dante and AES3 input versions

Input Section (x4):

  • Gain, Mute and Phase inversion
  • Input Delay: Up to 114 meters (333 ms)
  • Input EQ: 16 filters (Param., Shelving, LP, HP, BP, SB, AP)

Output Section (x4):

  • Crossover Filters: FIR and IIR (up to 48dB/oct, Butterw./LR/Bessel)
  • Output Delay: 0 to 31 meters (90ms) per channel
  • Output IIR EQ: 12 filters per channel (Param., Shel, LP, HP, BP, SB, AP)
  • Output FIR EQ: 20 filters per channel (Parametric, Shelving, LP,HP, BP, SB, PA), or Custom. Up to 1000 taps
  • RMS and Peak limiter per channel


  • Two ports Ethernet switch for daisy chain connection
  • UBS 2.0 Type B port


  • 20 User preset memories library
  • 20 User snapshot memories library
  • Manufacturer/User passwords
  • User control groups for virtual Equalization, Gain and Delay
  • Zone management for library, and alerts information
  • Smaart ® analysis software integration

Amplifier Features

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Technical Specifications:

Output power
@ 8 Ohms 4 x 1600 W
1 x 1800 W
@ 4 Ohms 4 x 2500 W
1 x 3000 W
@ 2 Ohms 4 x 2500 W
1 x 2500 W
@ 8 Ohms Bridged 2 x 5000 W
@ 4 Ohms Bridged 2 x 5000 W
Hi-Z 100V 4 x 2500 W
Hi-Z 70 V 4 x 2500 W
Number of channels 4
Total output power 10000 W
Max output voltage 176 V peak
Max output current 50 A peak
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.05%
SNR 107.5 dB
Required AC Mains
Operating Voltage (50 Hz – 60 Hz) 170V – 265V AC / 90V – 140V AC
1/8 Rated Power (@230V, 4 Ohms) 16 A
Dimmensions  483×89×320 W x H x D (mm)
Weight  8.5 Kg / 18.7 lbs
Protections  Soft-start, Turn-on Turn-off transients, Multing at turn-on, Over-heating, DC, RF, Short-circuit, Open or mismatched loads, Overloaded power supply, ICL™, PMS™ and SSP™



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