ICE Cable Systems

Cat 6 Network Cable UTP (per meter)

Cat.6 Cable, Black, 550MHz, UTP, 23AWG, SBC, HDBaseT, 305m Pulloutbox

PRIMAL Cable is priced as aggressively as the generic competition – But everything else about PRIMAL is light years ahead. Save money the smart way!


Primal – The Cost-Effective Alternative for ICE Cables

  • Primal is an entry-level cable, designed for installers who need competitive prices, but still want a high-quality product, maintaining all safety ratings and offering the ICE pull-out experience
  • Primal cables have bee designed for the use used in non-critical applications where maximum bandwidth not necessarily required, like telephone, IR, and contact wires – For critical applications use ICE cable!
  • Increased productivity with a faster and smoother mechanisms for less tension – Primal features the high-precision REELEX II winding pattern and Big Mouth Payout hole, ensuring a hassle-free pull-out system by eliminating knots, kinks, tangles, and snags
  • Flame Tested & Safety Rated – We dont believe that fire safety should ever be compromised, thats why every single Primal Cable has been flame tested and safety rated


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Networking Cables

HDBaseT, CAT 6, 23AWG, UTP