Universal Tablet Mount for Tablets 6.92-11.42″

Universal Desktop Tablet Mount (Black) For tablets 6.92-11.42″ screen size

Peerless-AV makes it simple to mount almost any tablet with the PTM4. With its width and height adjustable cradle, this versatile, universal desktop mount adapts to virtually any tablet, securing it tightly into place. Its sleek design, along with thirty degrees of tilt and swivel and three hundred sixty degrees of roll, make it just as functional as it is stylish. Available in a theft-resistant security version or Phillips head version, the PTM4(S) is a great accessory for any desktop workspace.


  • Two color options available for coordinating with tablet aesthetics
  • Tablet can be rotated from Landscape to Portrait without removing the tablet
  • Option to place on desk or secure down with theft resistant security screws
  • 360° of roll for versatile placement options
  • ±30° of One-TouchTM tilt and swivel
  • Stylish cover for complementary aesthetics
  • Cradle provides adjustable height and width, providing a universal fit for most tablets

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Tv/Projector Mounts

Roll, Swivel, Table Top Mount, Tilt, Universal Fit

Technical Specifications:

Weight Capacity: 5lb (2.27kg)
Finish:  High Gloss
Tilt: +30 / -30
Swivel Yaw: +30 / -30
Roll: +360 / -360
Product Dimensions: 6.71 – 11.21 x 9.35 – 11.34 x 7.02″ (170 – 285 x 237 – 288 x 178mm)




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