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Cup Holder +
Popcorn Cup Holder
Basic Refrigerated Cup Holder

Home Cinema Seat

The Pop home cinema seat is equipped with a motorized zero-wall opening system that allows the seat to be installed with its back against the wall. The backrest and the leg rest open simultaneously. The manually- adjustable headrest provides better support for the neck.

Several configurations are possible: individual seats, row or sofa.

A wide choice of leather and fabric finishes is at your disposal. At your request, we can also work with your own leathers and fabrics to best match your projects.

Extra Options


We offer a wide range of leathers, fabrics and tinted woods




Matching Pouffes

Matching pouffes can also be made to measure



Popcorn Cup Holder

The popcorn cup holder is integrated into the armrest



Basic Refrigerated Cup Holder

Cooling function and backlight


Cupholder +

Cooling function, backlighting, various relaxing vibrations of the backrest, controls for opening and closing the seat integrated into the cup holder




Rectangular 56×36 cm
Square 38×38 cm





Technical Specifications:

Type: Individual Seat
Construction: CMHR (combustion-modified high-resilience) M18 fireproof foam for maximum comfort
Adjustments: Manually adjustable headrest for perfect neck and head support
Simultaneous recline and footrest operation
Zero-wall opening system allows to place the seat back to the wall
Body Finishes: Large choice of leathers and fabrics
Sizes: 2 sizes available
Motorized / Manual:  Motorized: 2 (wired or on battery power) motors: Independent movements of the backrest and the leg-rest
Manual: Simultaneous movement of the backrest and the leg-rest
Product Dimensions: Height:                        105cm / 114cm
Depth (Closed):       100cm
Depth (Open):          170cm
Seating Width:         59cm
Armrest Width:       16,5cm
Overall Width:         92cm
Manufacturing: Made In France