Blue Note

Blue Note
Motorized Headrest

Home Cinema Seat

This armchair seat will delight you in either the swivelling version with a single leg or the four- leg version which offers the option of making sofas with up to 3 places.

Its adjustable headrest provides better cervical support.
The Blue Note is available in various motorized versions, with one or two motors, wired or battery-powered, or in a manual version, to adapt to everyone’s needs.

A wide choice of leather, fabric and tinted wood finishes is at your disposal. At your request, we can also work with your own leathers and fabrics to best match your projects.

Extra Options

We offer a wide range of leathers, fabrics and tinted woods


Matching pouffe
Matching pouffes can also be made to measure


Motorized headrest
Allows you to electrically control the angle of the headrest for optimal neck support


Rectangular 56×36 cm
Square 38×38 cm



Technical Specifications:

Type: Individual Seat
Construction: High-Resilient foam
Adjustments: Adjustable headrest for perfect neck and head support (manually or motorised)
Swivel seat option on a single column of brushed stainless steel or varnished wood, or four fixed feet
On the twin-motor model, the backrest and footrest move independently
Body Finishes: Large choice of leathers and fabrics
Motorized / Manual:  Motorised: Twin-motor (battery or mains)
Motorised: Single motor (battery or mains) Manually operated
Product Dimensions (Swivel): Height:                        113cm / 115 / 117 / 119cm
Depth (Closed):       86cm
Depth (Open):          165cm
Seating Width:         50 / 55cm
Armrest Width:       10,5cm
Overall Width:         71 / 76cm
Product Dimensions (4 feet): Height:                        117cm
Depth (Closed):       86cm
Depth (Open):          165cm
Seating Width:         55cm
Armrest Width:       10,5cm
Overall Width:         76cm
Manufacturing: Made In France