The Voice Of ELAC (LP/CD)


The Voice Of ELAC (CD/LP)

ELAC – Klang lebt (Sound lives) is the philosophy of ELAC Electroacustic GmbH is based in Kiel, Germany. Here it designs and manufactures loudspeakers of the highest quality. For over 25 years, innovations such as the omni-directional 4Pi tweeter technology or the AS-XR woofer have marked ELAC out as exemplifying Finest German Engineering in the field of loudspeaker design. The company is characterized by a high degree of vertical integration.

[The Voice Of ELAC] follows this philosophy – sound lives: authentically, naturally and dynamically. Become one with the music. Have the best seat in the concert hall. Front row tickets. Feel the music. Totally immerse yourself in it. Experience the fascination of sound. Soulful songs of exceptional Singer/Songwriters form a true listening experience.

Also available as CD.

Track List

  1. Red Meat (Taylor, Otis)
  2. Ready (Hutchinson, Meg)
  3. Horse & Buggy (The Pines)
  4. Not Coming By (Emma-Lee)
  5. All Is One (Taylor, Allan)
  6. The Ten O’Clock Line (Newcomer, Carrie)
  7. Sinnerman (Hawkins, Sophie B.)
  8. Mattie Price (Brown, Greg)
  9. Hell’s Bell’s (Shaw, Jodi)
  10. Rosas Cantina (Munyon, David)
  11. 500 Miles (Eberhardt, Cliff)
  12. Wild Horse (Kaplansky/Gorka/Gilkyson)
  13. Irreplacable (Ruffolo, Eugene)
  14. Foolish Things (Hanson, Lynne)
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Technical Specifications:

Artist: Various
Format: LP Audiophile
Release Date:  15.05.2015
180 Grams Vinyl: Yes
RESO Mastering:  No
DMM (Direct Metal Mastercut): Yes
Genre:  Singer / Songwriter