Fascination With Sound (LP/CD)


Fascination With Sound (CD/LP)

Günther Nubert‘s heart belongs to music, and its faithful reproduction is his passion.

For more than 40 years, Günther Nubert and his team have been developing and building high-quality loudspeakers and electronics for demanding, price-conscious hi-fi and home cinema lovers. Excellent sound quality and workmanship, as well as more than a thousand reviews, awards and reference statuses – have made Nubert an industry top brand.

Fascination With Sound includes 12 songs from different genres, all of them selected by Günther Nubert and his team. A musical and sonically extraordinary compilation supposed to give pure listening enjoyment. This is one of the reasons why the Fascination With Sound slogan proves its conviction: songs that inspire Günther Nubert to create loudspeakers.

To best transmit this musical experience, the Direct Metal Mastercut (DMM) technique is employed and 180 gram Vinyl is used for the sound carrier.

Track List

  1. Beat (Tingvall Trio)
  2. Coastal Ship (Bremnes, Kari)
  3. Kothbiro (Ogada, Ayub )
  4. 99 (Goods, Torste)
  5. The Traveller (Taylor, Allen)
  6. Light My Fire (Friend ‘n Fellow )
  7. El Vito (Haffner, Wolfgang)
  8. Hanuman (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
  9. Le Chat Noir (Chretién, Philippe)
  10. Seeker (Hiromi)
  11. Antiphone Blues (Domnérus, Arne & Sjökvist, Gustaf)
  12. Julsång (O Holy Night) (Mellnäs, Marianne; Linder, Alf; Nilsson, Torsten)
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Technical Specifications:

Artist: Various
Format: LP Audiophile
Release Date:  08.02.2019
180 Grams Vinyl: Yes
RESO Mastering:  No
DMM (Direct Metal Mastercut): Yes
Genre: Pop International



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