Die Stereo Hortest Best Of LP (LP/CD)


Die Stereo Hortest Best Of LP (CD/LP)

Great music at full revolution is the concept of STEREO Best of listening test LP. This double album features 16 musical highlights from the STEREO listening test samplers I-VI in analog perfection. Therefor the vinyl discs run at 45 revolutions and thus provide maximum detail resolution, dynamics and liveliness. The titles have been carefully selected to ensure that each track will not be just a listening experience but also a special sonic challenge to the hi-fi system, so that it is possible to explore their abilities with the Best of listening test record.

This requires also a special production quality. So the stampers were cut by Pauler Acoustics in the Direct Metal Mastering process, short DMM. This method does not generate pre- and post-echoes, improves high-frequency response and avoids disturbing noises. For the replication 180 grams of high purity virgin vinyl has been used. This also makes the STEREO Best of listening test record for exquisite collector’s item for the analog Gourmet.

Track List

  1. Trittico, Allegro Maestoso (Nehybel,Vaclav)
  2. Malvina utan mörker (Phil, Maria)
  3. Strings On Fire! (Mancini, Henry)
  4. Isn’t She Lovely (Taylor, Livingston)
  5. Route 66 (Toscho)
  6. Maybe (Caram, Ana)
  7. Saturday Night (Red Norvo Quintet)
  8. Warmth Of The Sun (California Project)
  9. Fandango (Perkins, Frank)
  10. Light My Fire (Friend ‘n Fellow)
  11. Sun Wind (Conklin, Larry)
  12. Faithless Lover (Musselwhite, Charlie)
  13. Little Rivi-Airhead (Brown, Junior)
  14. The Words Of Heaven (Thedoraksi, Mikis & Farantouri, Maria)
  15. Cha Cha Bonita (Antolini, Charly)
  16. Gypsy Eyes (Sara K.)
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Technical Specifications:

Artist: Various
Format: LP Audiophile
Release Date:  30.04.2016
180 Grams Vinyl: Yes
RESO Mastering:  No
DMM (Direct Metal Mastercut): Yes
Genre: Singer / Songwriter