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Cabasse Speaker Sphere Eole 3

On the technical side, engineers adhered to the principle of a coaxial device in a spherical volume, for uniform sound propagation. The location of the DOM 18 tweeter and crossover calculations were made using a measurement protocol specifically designed for Cabasse La Sphere to optimize the frequency range and provide a coherent sound field over a wide area.

The Cabasse Eole 3 ball housing contains a 2-way coaxial driver that includes a DOM18 soft dome tweeter and a 10T15 bass speaker with a P2C membrane.
Whether it’s music or a movie – you’ll be amazed by the sound quality of Cabasse Eole 3.

With a interesting design for improved esthetical and acoustical integration, the Eole 3 system features all the acoustical qualities of any Cabasse system: efficiency, power handling, transparency and stability of the sound stage.

The spherical housing of the system is placed on a special bracket that allows you to conveniently place the speaker both on a shelf or on a table, and hang it on the wall, and the magnetic base makes it easier to place them. In addition, magnetic shielding allows you to install satellites in close proximity to your TV.

Several Cabasse Eole 3 systems will work perfectly as part of a home theater, fulfilling the role of all its elements. All you need to do is add a subwoofer to the Cabasse Eole 3 home theater kit to enhance the bass component.

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Technical Specifications:

Active/Passive: Passive
Tweeters number: 1
Color: Black
Woofer size, inches: 4
Tweeter size, inches: 0,75
Tweeter material No. 1: polymer
Tweeter type: dome
Drivers number: 2
Crossover frequency: 4000 Hz
Maximum frequency, Hz:
Minimum frequency, Hz: 170
Resistance, Ohm: 4-8
Response level, bD/Wt/m: 90
Speaker enclosure:
closed enclosure
Terminals: pressure plates
Analog XLR inputs:
Peak power, W: 490
Minimum recommended power, W: 70
Weight, kg: 1,68
Height, mm: 130
Depth, mm: 130
Width, mm: