Subwoofer 12″ (30cm) 400W


PB12-NSD Subwoofer

Product Overview

The PB12-NSD subwoofer is the ultimate subwoofer over-achiever. It’s room-energizing, pants-flapping bass, for a fraction of the cost of the typical reference subwoofer. SPLs and output also compares with much larger ported box subwoofers but with a greater control and accuracy from the sophisticated Sledge amplifier, overbuilt driver and precisely tuned cabinet.

True to SVS design philosophy, the PB12-NSD obliterates performance expectations for the price with a driver, amplifier, motor and cabinet combination at an all new low price. Equally adaptable for music, home theater, TV and gaming, the PB12-NSD produces amazingly deep and articulate bass with pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients at all drive level.

Potent SVS 12-inch NSD High-Output Driver

Featuring high end materials and rock-solid design, the 12-inch SB12-NSD driver handles every watt of the Sledge amplifier’s power and delivers deep, room-energizing bass and crushing SPLs with pristine clarity and control, even when pushed to the absolute limit.

Sledge STA-400D Amplifier

Effortless power with smooth and precise signal processing for accuracy and clarity at all drive level, the PB12-NSD’s STA-400D amplifier is conservatively rated at 400 watts RMS, 800 watts peak power and effortlessly delivers massive amounts of current to the motor and driver to create convincing cinematic and musical bass you can hear and feel at the most important moments. With digital bass management features and flexible set up options normally reserved for more expensive subwoofers, the Sledge amplifier makes it easy to optimize with any equipment in any room set-up

DSP for Fine-Tuning In-Room Performance

Internal Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows for easy integration into rooms of all shapes and sizes as well as with all different models and brands of speakers.

Optimized Cabinet Design

The PB12-NSD features a front-firing 4” high-flow port with inner/outer port flares for extremely powerful and controlled output with palpable slam. The 21x17x22 cabinet is substantial but not over-sized and features a protective steel mesh grille and comes in a premium black ash wood grain finish for a handsome look that fits most room décor.

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Technical Specifications:

Bass: 1 x 12” (30cm) SVS NSD driver
Amplifier: 400 watts RMS, 800+ watts peak power output Class D design
Frequency Response (±3dB):  23-270 Hz +/- 3 dB
Amplifier Type: High efficiency cool-running Class D switching topology
Low Pass Filter: Fully adjustable low pass filter with Disable setting
Output: Unfiltered (for daisy-chain) and 80 Hz HPF line level RCA outputs
DSP: Customized EQ and DSP limiter settings specifically for the SB12-NSD
Input Impedance:  20 kΩ (unbalanced RCA)
Grille:  Protective non-resonant extra-thick ABS fabric mesh grille
Isolation:  Iso-elastomer feet included
Trigger:  Auto/On and Trigger options through app, 3-12V AC/DC trigger
Consumption:  Green 0.5-watt low standby power consumption
Driver Size:  12-inch long-throw driver with high-precision tuned overhung motor configuration
Driver Weight:  Dual high-grade ferrite magnets
Voice Coil:  2” diameter, high-power voice coil with high-temp former
Motor:  Precision machined motor elements and narrow tolerance suspension parts produce unmatched linearity at full excursion for exceptionally tight and fast output, even at reference volumes.
Spider:  Nomex linear roll long-throw spider
Leads:  Dual balanced 24-strand silver plated Litz wire high temperature leads woven through the Nomex composite spider provide a pristine electrical connection from the amplifier to the voice coil.
Gasket:  Proprietary injection molded gasket and NBR extreme-excursion surround
Cone: Lightweight treated Fiber Composite cone for enhanced sensitivity and transient response
Top Plate: Top plate assembly with low carbon 1010 steel for optimal magnetics
Structure: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized motor structure
Basket: Powder-coated cast aluminum basket
Suspension:  Dual shorting rings and pole extenders to reduce gap induction and distortion
Port: Front-firing 4″ high-flow flared port
Dimensions (HxWxD)  54.3 x 43.9 x 64.5cm
Net weight (with grille): 29.9kg