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Headphone Amplifier with DAC


SoundKey instantly upgrades the audio output from your PC, Mac or mobile device, producing enhanced clarity, tonal neutrality and precision.

Essentially a USB connected external soundcard, soundKey incorporates high-resolution DACs (Digital to Analogue converters) and amplifiers, developed by Cyrus – a world-renowned leader in the field of high-fidelity audio.

When used with analogue gaming headsets connected via a 3.5mm audio jack, the improvement in sound quality within the gaming environment is impressive. Gamers will experience enhanced clarity of footsteps, reloads and other audio cues. When used for listening to music services, soundKey is nothing short of remarkable.

Drawing power from USB, the soundKey is free of the need for internal batteries or recharging.

SoundKey is supplied with cables for connection to most computers and headsets connecting via a 3.5mm audio jack. soundKey works with wired headsets, both with and without microphones.

Cyrus’ gaming version of the soundKey weighs only 18g, yet delivers a transformative listening experience.

Laptop or desktop PCs generally suffer from poor sound quality due to quality of the components used in their audio circuits, but also because of the high-levels of electromagnetic interference within any PC case. Even when higher quality components are used, this system noise seriously degrades their actual performance.

SoundKey solves all these issues. The robust aluminium casing, coupled with the fact it sits several inches from the main power circuits on a PC, provides excellent isolation from the noisy inductive effects of the PC. Designers not only use premium quality components, carefully calibrate the position of each micro-component on the circuit board to minimise the effects of magnetic interference.
SoundKey comes with a USB umbilical, which plugs into any USB port on your PC.

SoundKey has a single 3.5mm audio socket which you can connect any headset, gaming or otherwise to.

Some PC gaming headsets have a single 3.5mm jack, some have two audio jacks. If your headset has a single jack, provide in the box a splitter cable, which enables you to connect the microphone separately to the PC. This is a special cable to prevent noisy interference from the PC.

Once connected, you can enjoy incredible stereo sound, or install one of the aftermarkets ‘surround sound’ drivers onto your PC for brilliantly precise full surround – even through a stereo headset.

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Amplifier Features

Technical Specifications:

2.5 mm outputs no
Bluetooth no
DAC bitrate Yes
Enclosure material aluminium
MP4 Yes
Touch screen
Weight, kg