ChordMusic USB

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USB Digital Audio Interconnect (ChorAlloy Plated)

ChordMusic USB

ChordMusic USB came about whilst exploring the potential of audio streaming cables using audiophile hard drive devices (with RJ45 and USB outputs) including Innuos, Melco, Chord Electronics, Devialet etc

The ChordMusic USB employs Taylon® insulation and 2 layers of noise reduction material. One on the plus and minus signal conductors. Another covering the 5 volt conductors and the USB Super ARAY conductor geometry. There is also a layer of external shielding and finally the white braided outer jacket.

The USB A and B type connectors are ChorAlloy™ plated and all conductors are soldered.

We have dedicated ChordMusic retailers and they’ll be able to let you try the ChordMusic USB for yourself. It’s every bit as remarkable as all the other ChordMusic cables.


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