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The Chord Company

Speaker Cable (Silver-Plated, 12AWG, 3.31mm²) Per Meter

OdysseyX Speaker Cable

Chord Company OdysseyX uses the same materials as RumourX but features heavier gauge conductors. This can help bring more detail and dynamics to a system also allowing a degree of control and definition that can transform the performance of both floor and stand mounted loudspeakers. Odyssey was launched in 1998 and set a new standard of performance. It’s neutrality, its compatibility and consistency of performance from system to system made it very rapidly our most popular speaker cable.

Hi-Fi News magazine liked Chord Odyssey so much because of its performance and price that it won the best speaker cable award for five years in a row.

Over the years, changes have been cosmetic only. The current version has a white PVC outer jacket with a diameter of 8mm, still discrete in speaker cable terms and still good enough to let even the biggest of systems sing like they should.


Hi-Fi Cables

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Speaker Cable Size

4mm² (12AWG)




Technical Specifications

Conductor Silver-plated OFC
Insulation XLPE
Configuration Twisted pair
Shielding None. PVC outer jacket
AWG 12
mm2 3.31
Diameter 8mm