HDMI Fiber Optic Cable 2.0


HDMI Fiber Optic Cable 2.0 4K with Detachable Head

Options for 4K & 8K

Netvio’s Active Optical HDMI cables are the perfect solution for high-definition digital video and audio transmission. The Netvio utilize the latest in active optical technology to deliver exceptional signal quality. The range includes models that support resolutions of 4K@60Hz and 8K@60Hz

Going the extra mile

Looking for an active optical cable that is both easy to install and provides a variety of lengths? Look no further than Netvio! Our active optical cables come in lengths of 10m, 15, 20m & 30m and feature both fixed head and detachable HDMI head designs. The detachable HDMI head design makes it easy to install through conduit.

LSZH for safety

If you’re looking for a product that is both safe and effective, look no further than Netvio. Our low smoke zero halogen materials are specifically designed to resist heat and fire, making them the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Whether you need a durable cable insulation or a flame retardant coating, Netvio has you covered.

Easier Install

Unlock the power of control with Netvio’s H2-0404, an advanced matrix switch that includes integrated control and free apps for both Apple and Android devices. Download today to experience hands-on operation using our Demo mode – no purchase necessary!

Drivers for Control

The Netvio active optical cables are ultra-thin and flexible, making them easy to install in even the most challenging locations. With a total lengths upto 30 meters, cables are also much lighter and more manageable than traditional copper HDMI cables.




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