ClearwayX Analogue DIN

The Chord Company

Analogue Din Cable (Silver-Plated)

ClearwayX ARAY analogue DIN

The ClearwayX ARAY DIN cable features ARAY conductor geometry, heavy gauge OFC conductors, upgraded XLPE insulation and dual-layer shielding.

Fitted with Chord Company ChorAlloy™ plated connectors/pins.

Equipment fitted with DIN sockets tends to be either Naim Audio or older Quad models. We have huge experience in building both and ClearwayX DIN cables can be supplied with either 4 pin or 5 pin DIN plugs in push-fit metal, plastic (Quad) or Preh locking ring variants.

Available in all DIN/RCA and DIN/XLR configurations.

Strongly recommended for all Naim Audio owners and with any age or combination of equipment – classic and modern units alike will feel the benefit.

Standard length of Clearway DIN cables is 1m. Many years ago we established that shorter length cables have a detrimental effect on Naim Audio amplifiers. Longer custom lengths are not a problem.


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