Stereo Audio Adapter Cable 6.3mm Jack male to 3.5mm Jack female

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Upgrade your audio experience with the sonero Stereo Audio Adapter Cable. High-quality materials and precision engineering for optimal sound performance.

sonero Stereo Audio adapter cable: Seamless Audio Connectivity
Enhance your audio experience with the sonero Stereo Audio adapter cable. This adapter allows you to connect a 6.3mm male jack to a 3.5mm female jack, ensuring compatibility across a range of devices.

  • Adaption of a 3.5mm headphone jack: The adapter seamlessly converts a 3.5mm jack to a 6.3mm female jack, providing versatility in audio connections.
  • Gold plated precision contacts: Enjoy high-quality audio transmission with gold-plated contacts and durable metal plugs, complete with flexible bend relief for added durability.
  • High purity copper conductors: The adapter features high purity copper conductors and triple shielding for optimal signal transmission, ensuring clear and crisp audio quality.
  • Chrome-plated aluminum plugs: The chrome-plated aluminum plugs guarantee a secure and reliable connection, delivering maximum transmission quality for an immersive audio experience.



  • Adaption of a 3.5mm headphone jack for compatibility with a 6.3mm female jack
  • Gold plated pecision contacts, high-quality metal plugs, flexible bend relief
  • 6.3mm jack male to 3.5mm jack female
  • High purity copper conductors and triple shielding, outer diameter: 4.0mm PVC
  • Chrome-plated aluminum plugs guarantee an optimal connection with maximum transmission quality


Sonero Premium Headphones Adapter with 6.3mm Jack male to 3.5mm Jack female

Due to the professional shielding, Sonero audio adapters are optimally protected against interferences from cell phones and radio sources. The adapter is therefore compatible with 6.3mm and 3.5mm jack connectors and can be used as a headphone adapter from small jack to large jack.
The adapter is completed by high-quality, chrome-plated aluminum plugs and gold-plated contacts.
The flexible bend relief prevents exceeding the maximum bending radius as well as wearing out at the transition to the plug.

Sonero Premium Series
The Sonero Premium Series products make the daily work of technical professionals easier and allow home users to enjoy media without distraction.
With Sonero Premium, theres always a high-quality solution available, no matter what kind of connection youre looking for.
The extensive product range offers pristine transmission of audio, video and data and offers a selection of reasonable every-day accessories.

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Technical Specifications:


Connector material: Gold plated
Shielding: Yes
Connector 1: 6.3mm male jack
Connector 2: 3.5mm female jack
Contacts: Gold plated


Type: Adapter with Round C
Length: 0.2m
Inner conductor material: High-purity copper
Outer material: PVC
Outer diameter: 4.0mm

Signal transmission:

Transmission modes: Stereo Audio


Safety: CE (inkl. RoHS), FCC
Colour: Black