M Universal Cable Sock Self Wrap Basic 19mm


Cable Sock Polyester 19mm (Per Meter)


M Universal Cable Sock Self Wrap Basic 19mm 50m – Cable organizer – Roll 19 mm x 50 m, – Suitable for various 3-4 cables

Multibrackets M Universal Cable Sock Self Wrap Basic edition. Finally a solution that gives you the highest quality of cablehide to an equal aggressive pricepoint. Match the quality in your home cinema or hifi system with equal quality when hiding your recess wiring.

The M Universal Cable Sock Self Wrap Basic is knitted polyester of highest quality and with sleek nordic design. The M Universal Self Wrapping Cable Socks hold any type of cables for example Scart, HDMI, CRT, VGA and other main leads and expands easily.

Our product gives all users the possibility to individually choose length and colour depending on certain needs.
The M Universal Cable Sock Self Wrap Basic are perfect products for easy hide of your wiring at home, or in the office.

Use M Cable Sock Heat Cutter (Article No: 7 350 022 732 926) for cutting the M Universal Cable Socks to any desired legth.
Use M Cable Sock Quicktool (Article No: 7 350 073 734 689) for easy insertion of cables into cable socks.

Available sock colours: Silver, White, Black


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Technical Specifications:

Material: Polyester
Self wrapping: Yes
Sock length: 50 m
Working temperature: -50°C-+ 150°C
Melting point: 240±10°C
Flammability: 8s6853 lb UL94 V-0 FMVSS 302
Wear-resisting level: ISO6722, Load 7N, Number of scratches ≥3000 times, high wear resistance.
Application: It is widely used in electrical wiring, cables, wiring harness and hoses for high-speed trains, cars, automation equipment, instruments, and especially for irregularly wiring harness.
Monofilament diameter: 0.25mm
Safety: Fire retardant material
Certificate: RoHS
Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 2.5 kg
Diameter: Min: 19mm – Max: 30mm

Retail Package Specification

Package Parcels: 1 pcs
Package Measurements:
59.5 x 59.5 x 15.5 cm
Package Weight:
4.30 kg

Distribution Package Specification

Retail Package Parcels: 2 pcs
Package Measurements: 61.5 x 61.5 x 33 cm
Package Weight: 9.10 kg