Power Management System

All-in-One Power Management Solution

The SurgeX SQUID is the only product that provides AC/DC power protection, boxed network control, and analytical software in one chassis. You’ll no longer have to install a product for AC, another for DC, and yet another to monitor and control the power environment. It is the perfect solution for collaborative flex environments, huddle spaces, and other tight-spaced AV settings.

Its combination of 4 controlled and monitored AC receptacles, and 3 DC banks allow service teams to install equipment with fewer wires and connections. Significantly reducing installation time, effort, and cost. It also eliminates unsightly wall warts!

The Squid’s software offers a single solution for management, mitigation, and control of a system’s power. Its competencies such as sequencing, scheduling, auto-ping, IP control, and monitoring, reduce service calls through proactive management. Plus, its 360 degrees of power protection ensures equipment remains up and running without disruption.

All-in-One Power Management Solution and create a proper and intelligent power foundation with the SurgeX SQUID.


  • Universal 120V-240V AC input with IEC connectors
  • 4 controlled and monitored AC receptacles
  • 3 DC banks, 2 controllable
  • Measures electrical parameters, including Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power Factor, Crest Factor
  • Time stamped power quality events
  • Internal storage of 30 days’ worth of Max/Min/Avg electrical parameters
  • Wired Ethernet for Web server (HTTP/HTTPS), 802.1x authentication
  • TLS, SSL, SNMP V3, single sign-on
  • 2, 5V USB ports for charging
  • Compact size fits along, behind, or near equipment

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SX-DC-8-12-230, SX-DC-8-1224-230, SX-DC-8-24-230



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