S 3M

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Midrange 3″ 75W


A cone midrange driver in an elegant design, trimmed for maximum sound quality – and thus the perfect addition to any fully active 3-way speaker system.

The highly rigid membrane consists of a novel basalt fiber-paper compound. An ideal combination to ensure clear and precise sound even at high volumes In addition to maximum uncoloured mid-range reproduction, the S 3M also offers extremely low distortion thanks to the linear neodymium magnet system.

The dream team is the combination with the S 1T tweeter and a S 6B or S 4B woofer. Driven by a power amplifier from Audiotec Fischer, the S loudspeakers perform at their best and provide the perfect basis for absolute top sound systems!


  • 3” / 75 mm cone midrange speaker with novel basaltfiberpaper compound cone – a perfect combination of lowest weight, high stiffness and perfect inner damping
  • Highly efficient, compact neodymium magnet system for linear drive and minimum distortion
  • Low-resonant basket made from glassfiber reinforced plastic with optimized voice coil cooling for high power handli
  • Grille included
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Technical data

Power RMS / max. 75 / 150 Watts
(highpass > 400 Hz at 24 dB/Oct.)
Impedance 4 Ω
DC resistance 3.2 Ω
Frequency response 400 Hz – 6,000 Hz
Resonance frequency 130 Hz
Mechanical Q factor  4.47
Electrical Q factor 0.48
Total Q factor 0.43
Compliance 396 μm/N
Equivalent air volume 0.57 L
Force factor  4.6 Tm
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 86 dB
Cone area 32 cm²
Moving mass  3.8 g
Cone material Basalt-fiber-paper compound
Mechanical resistance  0.69 kg/s
Voice coil diameter 25 mm
Voice coil winding height 8 mm
Max. linear excursion  +/- 2 mm
Outer diameter 90 mm / 3.54″
Installation diameter 73 mm / 2.87″
Installation depth 37 mm / 1.46″
Recommended enclosure volumes 
Sealed box with minimum 200 ml net volume 
Net volumes Recommended DSP / amplifier settings
Recommended DSP / amplifier settings Crossover frequency: 500 Hz
Min. filter slope: 12 dB/Oct.
0.4 liter (System resonance: 190 Hz) Crossover frequency: 450 Hz
Min. filter slope: 18 dB/Oct.
0.6 liter (System resonance: 170 Hz) Crossover frequency: 400 Hz
Min. filter slope: 24 dB/Oct.




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