IS MBZ 100


2-way Component Set 50W 4″ For Mercedes Vehicles


Designed specifically for vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz group, the high-fidelity component kit IS MBZ 100 is a leading hi-fi solution that fits easily and discreetly into your car.
The speaker drivers include the Flax sandwich cone, which is made in France. It delivers natural midranges and ultra-real voices. The aluminium inverted dome tweeter faithfully reproduces high frequencies and brings improved sound spatialisation. To further optimise performance within very small spaces, this kit includes a neodymium motor.

For an intense experience, you can combine this kit with ISUB MBZ 2 subwoofers that are fitted with Polyglass cones and fully compatible with the Focal Inside concept: 100% Plug & Play.


  • Developed and made in France
  • Quick and easy to install with no modifications to the vehicle required
  • Seamless integration into the cabin
  • High-fidelity sound and excellent power handling
  • Advanced speaker driver protection
  • Dedicated manufacturer Plug & Play connector




C class

W205 Sedan 2014-2021
V205 Limousine 2014-
C205 Coupe 2015-
A205 Convertible 2016-
S205 Break T 2014-

E class

W213 Sedan 2016-
V213 Limousine 2016-
C238 Coupe 2017-
A238 Convertible 2017-
S213 Break 2016

S class

W222 Sedan 2013-
V222 Limousine 2013-
C217 Coupe 2014-
A217 Convertible 2014-

GLC class

X53 Suv 2015-
C53 Suv coupe 2015-

EQC class

E suv 2020-

CLS class

W257 Sedan 2018-

GLE class

C292 Coupe 2015-
V/W167 Suv 2018-

GLS class

X167 Suv 2018-

G class

W463 Suv 2018-


gt 2 doors Coupe 2018-
gt 4 doors Sedan 2018-


Speakers Type (Car)

, ,


Car Specific Kits

Technical Specifications:

Type of loudspeaker 2-way component set For Mercedes
Drivers Woofer 4″ (100mm), Tweeter 1″ (25mm)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 815Hz-20Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 87dB
Nominal impedance
DC resistance 3.4Ω
Surround type Butyl
Cone type Flax Cone
Power (RMS) 50W
Power (Peak) 100W
Net Weight 250g



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