Atomo 4|6 DSP


4 To 6 Channel DSP

4 RCA Inputs


  • Stand Alone DSP
  • Four analog inputs (HighLevel / LowLevel)
  • SP-Dif (optical), BTM, BTS & BTS-LD4C input
  • 6 analog outputs.
  • 12V and 24V vehicles compatible.
  • New 64 bit DSP plattform with dISC functions.
  • Complete integrated measuring system for RTA, timedelay and phase.
  • Easy setup function.
  • Direct RTC connection for volume, sublevel or input volume.
  • Compatible to RC-Can VW, RC-Can uni and EXT4HLin (8ch. input analog possible).
  • Dimensions 86 x 65 x 34mm
  • Weight 180g



DSP (Car)

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Technical Specifications:

Power Supply Voltage: 8 -32V
External Fuse: 1 x 3A
Current consumption:  0.14A @ 12V6
Analog DSP processed output: 6 x 2Vrms
Analog input:  4 x high/low level
Low level + High level input sensitivity range:  2Vrms (LL) – 12Vrms [6:1] (HL) by default
Input impedance:  >15k Ohm (LL) -1k8 Ohm / ~22 Ohm (HL)
Low Level Ground Reference:  Full Floating / ~22 Ohm
Autosense power-on:  Available by High Level, BTL source only
Digital input: Optical (Toslink)
CARD (MOS standard modules and Extended cards)
Onboard DSP: 294.912 MHz – 64 bit
Onboard ADO:
48kHz / 24bit Sample Rate – 107dB S/N ratio
Onboard DAC: 48kHz / 24bit Sample Rate – 106dB S/N ratio
Remote Control (optional): RTC
Dimensions: 86 x 65 x 34mm
Weight: 180g
Finish: Black anodized