2-Door Kit Professional


Sound Treatment Kit

2 Door Starter Kit, Consisting Of:

2x AERO-Multi 80 x 46 x0.50 cm

2x AERO-Butyl 80 x 46 x0,17 cm

2x AERO-Wave 25 x 20 x 2 cm


Similar in specification the AERO-Multi contains combination of AERO-Butyl and the AERO-Neoprene. It’s the fast and cheap way to reach an almost perfect result of required noise reduction.
Water resistant and hardly inflammable.


Butyl and aluminum constrained layer damping material. Designed for damping metal or plastics and reducing unwanted structural vibration, rattles and sound from inside or outside of your car.
High efficiency to convert vibration to thermal energy. Highly adhesive and easily conform to irregular surfaces like door panels or roof interior.
Water resistant and hardly inflammable.


Rubber foam with a unique wave shape including adhesive back for ease of application, designed to absorb perfectly sound behind speakers e.g. in the door and in enclosures. Further can be used to decouple and isolate parts and can be compressed to get a perfect shape.
Water resistant and hardly inflammable (but can absorb water).