2-Din Multimedia Unit 6.75″

Z-N528 – 2-DIN with apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto

TThe Z-N528 is a 2-DIN infotainer of the latest generation with a capacitive touch-sensitive 6.75“/17.1 cm display. Via its hard key bar at the front panel, the Z-N528 is perfectly suited for totally straightforward operation while driving.

The Z-N528 provides for an easy and totally safe smartphone use in the car. The USB(1) port on the device lets you dock your phone directly to the infotainer – the Z-N528 is Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto certified. Making phone calls, use Google or Apple maps to find a destination, play music and send or receive messages is true mobile convenience where the choice is yours: control and operate apps either via device touchscreen or with the Apple Siri or Google’s voice assistants. Thanks to the simple, intuitive user interfaces specially designed for in-car use, driver distraction is minimized – thus you can fully concentrate on driving.

The clear digital radio reception of the integrated DAB+ tuner is impressive, while the Z-N528 does score with several tuner comfort functions in addition: MOT Slideshow, DLS text, DAB<>DAB Service Following, and Comfort Scan. The high-sensitivity FM RDS tuner ensures good reception of conventional FM stations in regions where the DAB+ broadcasting network is not established sufficiently well yet.

The Z-N528 supports the playback of the latest audio and video formats of USB memory devices connected via USB 2.0 port. The USB(1) port does charge Apple and Android smartphone batteries with up to 2,000 mA charging current.

The Z-N528 does offer some nice advanced audio setup features. The audio DSP based 5-channel time alignment helps to adjust the virtual speaker locations to yield an improved staging and stereo image. The graphical 8-band equalizer can be used to counteract particularities of the car cabin, or to dial in the sound to suit personal preferences. The active crossover with selectable 12 dB or 24 dB/oct. highpasss filter for front and rear speakers allows the perfect integration of high quality aftermarket speaker systems and amplifiers for smooth and detailed music reproduction.

Lastly, the up-to-date Bluetooth 4.2 module with advanced hands-free functions gives you control over the simple management of contact favorites, a swift phonebook contact search using initial letter of given or family name, or convenient A2DP music streaming.


The Z-N528 is Google Android Auto certified. With GAA you are able to access compatible apps and online services of your Android smartphone in your vehicle and operate them intuitively with the display of the ZENEC device or Google‘s voice assistant.

Apple CarPlay is a perfect co-pilot. With CarPlay, you can use your iPhone more safely and smarter while you are driving. You can navigate, make phone calls, send and receive messages and play your favorite music. CarPlay is operated via touchscreen or Siri voice control.

The capacitive 6.75”/17.1 cm LCD-TFT touchscreen with glass panel gives you accurate control with just a light touch. The TFT LCD screen is convincing for its high brightness level and excellent contrast range for brilliant video playback.

The integrated, highly-sensitive DAB+ twin tuner features various comfort functions like MOT slideshow, DLS text, DAB<>FM/DAB<>DAB seamless service following and dynamic station list. Aside of the easy tuner operation, a stable and clear digital radio reception is guaranteed.

The radio receiver of the Z-N528 has an FM RDS tuner with integrated DSP that ensures a better, clearer sound quality when FM station signals are rather weak, thanks to interference noise masking. The radio stations can be stored in 18 station presets.

Hands-free calling with phone book synchronization and search function for entries by first name and surname. The easy to edit favorites menu with speed dialing is optimized for driving comfort, and offers echo canceling and other DSP filters for best speech intelligibility.

The Z-N528 allows the connection of 2 camera systems. Cam1 is activated by engaging reverse gear, including the audio playback of a CAM microphone (if available). The cameras can be controlled via the touchscreen and the FAV button. Additional grid lines that can be faded in help with the distance estimation.

The Z-N528 features an independently adjustable time alignment function for all 5 channels, to optimize the stereo image and staging. The delay can be adjusted in both cm and mS (in 1 cm / 0.1 mS steps) for each channel independently.

The Z-N528 has a 4.2 channel time alignment function with individually adjustable channels, to optimize the spatial image for the driver’s or passenger‘s seat. The distance to the respective loudspeakers can be set as a distance in cm or as sound travel time in milliseconds.

For the connection of external power amplifiers via RCA line-outs, and for the front and rear speakers driven by the device internal amp: A switchable active high pass filter with 12 dB/oct. (OFF/50 Hz/65 Hz/80 Hz/100 Hz/125 Hz/ 160 Hz) provides for a clean transition to the subwoofer or removes bass frequencies from the main speakers.

Passive subwoofers driven by a power amp or active sub­woofers can be integrated into a system concept, using the Subwoofer setup menu. A low pass filter with 12 dB/oct. acts on the subwoofer RCA line-out (OFF, 65 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 125 Hz, 160 Hz), adjustable gain from -6 dB to +6 dB and switchable phase (0°/180°) round-out the adjustment options.

With the 10-band graphic equalizer you can manually tune the sound exactly to the characteristics of your vehicle or to your personal preferences. You can also select a pre­defined EQ profile from a list of available options in order to quickly adapt the sound reproduction in the vehicle.




The large sensor-fields enable accurate operation while driving. The lighting color of the sensor-fields can be variably adjusted so that the Z-N875 integrates perfectly into the cockpit ambience of almost any vehicle.










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Technical Specifications:

Operating System: Linux
Power Output: 4 x 50W High Power
Pre-outs: 3 PreOuts (3V Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
Video Output: Yes (USB-RCA / USB-HDMI Adaptor Needed)
Display: 6.75 inch Capacitive LCD High Resolution Display
Equalizer: 10 Band EQ
Bluetooth: 4.2
USB / MicroSD: 2 x for USB Stick & HDDs
Auxiliary Input: Yes (rear)
X-over Frequency:  HPF + LPF (OFF/50 Hz/65 Hz/80 Hz/100 Hz/125 Hz/ 160 Hz)
Digital Time Correction: Yes
Smartphone Mirroring: Yes (With HDMI)
Apple CarPlay: Yes (Wired)
Android Auto: Yes (Wired)
Camera Input: Yes (Front + Rear)
Dash Camera Input: No
Camera Control : Yes
Installation: Double Din Screen
Accessories: 1. ZE-RVC80MT-MKII Rear View Camera
2. ZE-RVC55LP License plate camera