2-Din Multimedia Unit 6.5″


Modern infotainment for your car or your motorhome: The XZENT X-227 integrates perfectly into the dashboard of vehicles with a 2-DIN slot, providing the latest entertainment functions. The capacitive 6.5“ / 16.5 cm touchscreen display enables simple, intuitive and completely safe control of the device while driving. The capacitive display reacts to just a light touch – a fingertip is enough. The strong brightness of the high resolution display, its crystal clear transparency, brilliant colors, and large contrast range ensure good readability even in difficult light conditions – a perfect platform for media content playback.

Capacitive TFT LCD display

The X-227 comes with a capacitive 6.5“/ 16.5 cm TFT touchscreen display. The totally clear and glossy touch panel offers high brightness, clarity and lifelike colour reproduction.

Variable illumination color

The key illumination of the sensor buttons can be adjusted in any color tone for optimum compatibility of the X-227 with the night illumination color of different vehicle brand cockpits.

Shorter housing body

The housing depth of the X-227 is reduced by approx. 20 mm compared to other 2-DIN device models. This provides ample space for the connections and cables when installing the device.


The USB port on the front panel lets you dock your phone directly to the X-227 – the XZENT then supports Apple CarPlay. Dank der einfachen, intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche mit speziell für die Fahrzeugnutzung entwickelten Apps wird die Ablenkung minimiert. Und Ihre Hände bleiben beim Fahren am Lenkrad. Via the AndroidLink function the X-227 seamlessly integrates Android smartphones and mirrors apps on the infotainer display,

Apple CarPlay

The X-227 supports Apple CarPlay – a smarter, safer and more entertaining way to use an iPhone in the car. With CarPlay, you can make phone calls, navigate, listen to music, and access messages with Siri voice control


AndroidLink is an integrated advanced app for Android OS smartphones supporting screen mirroring and direct control of the app functions via the touchscreen of the X-227. The use of AndroidLink on the X-227 is a joy because of the large display.


The X-227 also provides the best mobile entertainment and digital radio reception with its “par excellence” integrated DAB+ tuner. In areas without DAB+ broadcasting, the sensitive FM RDS tuner provides an excellent reception of conventional FM radio stations.


DAB+ Twin Tuner

The X-227 features a DAB+ twin-tuner offering MOT Slideshow, dynamic station list, DAB-DAB Service Following and DLS-text. Aside of these comfort features, the clear digital radio reception and the simple operation are additional score points.


FM RDS tuner

The FM RDS radio receiver of the X-227 integrates a DSP for better sound quality in areas of weaker FM reception. The radio stations can be stored in 18 station presets.

A/V playback

Two rear USB ports, mircoSD card reader, made for iPod/iPhone, HDMI input and a broad media-file com­patibility: The X-227 is well prepared and ideally equipped for the latest A/V format playback.

Bluetooth HFP + music streaming

Hands-free calling with with ex­cellent voice quality, search function, phone book syn­chronization, import of up to 1,000 phone book contacts with 3 numbers each enable safe ope­ration while driving.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 module with hands-free function
  • Import of 1,000 phone book entries with 3 phone numbers each
  • Memory-resident phone book with direct access to sync’d contacts
  • Phone book contact search function via keypad
  • Internal Bluetooth microphone, additional input for external microphone (contained in the set)

Reversing camera connections

The XZENT X-227 features two RCA video inputs (Cam1/Cam2) for the control of two camera systems with switched power and auto switching logic.

CAM sensor key

In addition to the FAV button configurable via the system settings, the X-227 offers a CAM sensor key on the front panel of the device, allowing manual control of the rear-view camera.

SWC integration

The X-227 offers an input for separately available CAN/stalk interfaces for SWC inte­­gration. The X-227 supports FIAT Ducato (X290) steering wheel control buttons ex-works directly – e.g. there is no need to purchase a separate SWC interface.




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Technical Specifications:

Operating System: Linux
Power Output: 4 x 40W High Power
Pre-outs: 3 PreOuts (3V Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
Video Output: Yes
Display: Capacitive, touch sensitive 6.5 inch/16.5 cm cm display screen (800 x 480 pixels)
Apple CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: No
MicroSD Card Reader Slot: Yes for A/V file playback from microSD(HC) memory cards
Supported A/V file formats (SDHC, USB): MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, AVI, MPEG-1/2, MPEG4, M4V (H.264), MKV 1080p, WMV, XviD
IR remote control: Yes
Equalizer: 8 Band EQ
Bluetooth: 4.2
USB / MicroSD: 2 x for USB Stick & HDDs
Auxiliary Input: Yes (rear)
X-over Frequency:  No
Digital Time Correction: No
Smartphone Mirroring: Yes (With HDMI and USB)
Camera Input: Yes (Front + Rear)
Installation: Double Din Screen