Stealth 7.1 DSP



7-Channel D Class Amplifier with DSP 2 x 180 + 5 x 100W

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STEALTH 7.1 DSP – a name that means big things. Powerful Advanced CLASS-D 7-channel technology, impressive THD+N distortion values, HiRes WiFi streaming (iOS & Android), integrated EQ with 7 x 10 fully parametric EQ bands per output and 8 x 21 fully parametric EQ bands per input, revolutionary app control, SPDIF input, hi-level and low-level inputs, start/stop capable, DSP controlled sub output, integrated metering system with microphone input, high/low shelf filter. The STEALTH CONTROL wired remote control allows optimal operation. The LED illumination of the remote control and the amplifier are freely selectable. Everything is just right here! Engineered in Germany.

Product Features

Class-D amplifier with powerful integrated DSP. Ultra Low THD+N 0.003% @ 5W RMS, Hi-Lo level inputs. SPDIF input, HiRes streaming (Android & iOS). Full control via innovative ETON app. Remote Out & DSP Sub-Out, Auto-Sense On function (BTL & music signal). Per output: 10 fully parametric EQ bands incl. high/low shelf freely selectable (80 band). Per input: 21 fully parametric EQ bands incl. high/low shelf freely selectable (168 band), LZK up to 20 ms in 0.02 ms steps, HP/LP/BP: 6 – 48 dB, phase rotation 0/180° per channel. Freely assignable inputs & outputs incl. mixer, freely selectable illumination color on remote control & device.

Asymmetric Power

Channels 3 & 4 of the STEALTH 7.1 DSP are so-called Hi-Power outputs, so they can be used to drive especially large drivers drivers such as under-seat basses, kick basses or even a subwoofer.

Advanced Class-D

7- channel advanced Class-D amplifier in compact design with asymmetrical power distribution, 2 x Hi-Power output. 5 x 100 W RMS & 2 x 180 W RMS.

Integrated DSP

Modern 8-channel DSP with 10 fully parametric output EQ bands per output (80 bands) per input 21 fully parametric input EQ bands (168 band) incl. high/low shelf, filters, LZK up to 20 ms in 0.02 ms steps, HP/LP/BP: 6-48 dB, phase rotation: 0° / 180° per channel, freely assignable inputs & outputs incl. mixer.

DSP Control Center

Optimal setting via Eton DSP Control App or Eton DSP Control Centre Windows application, completely wireless adjustment with intuitive use interface.

Hi-Level Input

If there is no cinch output available, the Stealth already has a state-of-the Stealth is already equipped with a state of the art Hi-Level converter up to 6 input signal sources.

Lo-Level Input

6 Cinch inputs allow the simple feeding of the input signa. All 6 channels can, of course, be perfectly adjusted and mixed by means of DSP. Mixing, so that, for example, upmixing of a centre signal is possible.

Remote Control

Thanks to the Eton Remote Control, the music volume or the subwoofer define the subwoofer volume,  switch the input source or mute a song, and much more. The remote control can be feely programmed with the RGB Colour and can also be easily integrated into the vehicle interior.

RGB Adjustment

The power amplifier itself, as well as the remote control can be perfectly adjusted to all colors by means of the RGB adjustment, thus the perfect integration into the vehicles even better/

Integrated RTA

The Stealth 7.1 DSP’s full capacity includes an integrated RTA (Real Time Analyzed). This allow the input channels to be measured electrically and using the RTA 3.5 accessory microphone to measure the vehicle acoustics. Thus the input signal (music signal) and the output signal can be adjusted perfectly.


Full signal thanks to integrated SPDIF digital input, freely switchable input source via Eton DSP app or Eton DSP Control wired remote control.

Ultra Low THD+N

The Stealth 7.1 DSP impresses above all with its sound properties. sound characteristics. These are outstanding and are particularly impressive due to the sensational low distortion. (THD+N 0.003% @ 5 W RMS) Even at high levels the power amplifier does not tend to distort.

Start Stop Ready

Also For Vehicles where the engine stops automatically at traffic lights or stop phases, the STEALTH7.1 DSP can be operated without any problems and without any start-up noice or prolonged start-up, it has been specially designed for low on-board voltages.

Integrated Hi-Res Wi-Fi Streaming

Play your music files in Hi-Res directly from your smartphone / tablet or laptop. This avoids unnecessary AD conversion. This especially is noticeable in the playback quality. Simple connection with the smartphone, stream your content directly into the amplifier, without Headunit.

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Amplifier Info (Car)

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Technical Specifications:

Channels: 7
Amplifier power on 1 | 2 Ohm: 2x180W RMS
Digital Sound Processor (DSP): 8 Channels
Hi-Lo inputs, SPDIF input: Yes
Level remote control: Yes
Amplifier technology: Class-D
Amplifier power at 4 ohms: 5x100W RMS
Auto sense on function: Yes
Lo-level subwoofer output: Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH): 250x142x50mm



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