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6-Channel D Class Amplifier 6 x 100W

A601 digital amplifier 6 x 100 watt

If you want to upgrade your music system with a compact but powerful quality amplifier, car audio specialist AXTON has the A601 6-channel power amplifier in its range: a minimum of 10.5 cm wide and 4 cm high, this amplifier offers a lot of power in the smallest space. With convincing performance data from 6 x 100 W RMS up to 3 x 320 W RMS, it is the perfect system power amplifier for various applications. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Class D amp can be flexibly installed in a car, motor home or caravan. The elegant, black aluminum housing is first-class processed and thoughtfully designed: Despite the compact dimensions, the massive heat sink conducts the heat specifically to the outside and thus ensures an optimal operating temperature throughout. The amplifier circuitry is designed with care, the design of the board layout is optimized for low distortion and equipped exclusively with selected components. Due to the sophisticated interaction of all components, this high-quality amplifier plays at the highest level: The A601 reproduces every piece of music with transparency, gripping dynamics and, above all, genuine joy of playing. The integrated electronic crossovers, each with 12 dB/oct. slope, are continuously adjustable from 40 – 400 Hz and can be switched as high-pass or low-pass filters. In addition, there are high-level inputs with auto-turn-on function for connection to original radios without RCA output – so the amplifier can be easily combined with factory-installed radios.


  • Ultra-compact Class-D amplifier
  • Aluminum heat sink for optimal heat dissipation
  • 12 dB/oct. high-pass and low-pass filter (40 – 400 Hz)
  • High-level/low-level input
  • Auto-turn-on via DC offset or music signal
  • Fully suitable for vehicles with automatic start/stop system
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Amplifier Info (Car)

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Technical Specifications:

Type of Amplifier: D Class
Channels: 6
Output power @ 4 Ohm: 6 x 100 W
Output power @ 2 Ohm: 6 x 160 W
Output power @ 4 Ohm bridged:
3 x 320 W
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 35 kHz
Integrated electronic crossovers: 12 dB/oct. high and low pass filter (40 – 400 Hz)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 85 dB
Variable input sensitivity: 0.4 – 10 V
Dimensions (W x H x D): 282x 40 x 105 mm



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