Naim NAP 200

Naim Audio

Power Amplifier 2 x 70W
(Used / Excellent Condition)
€2999 €1499 incl. VAT 

Naim NAP 200

The Naim NAP 200 is a 2.0 channel receiver designed for home use. It has a peak power output of 70W per channel and an RMS power output of 70W per channel at 8 Ohm impedance.

With an input impedance of 18000 Ω, this receiver provides a reliable and consistent audio connection. It offers two audio (L/R) outputs, allowing for versatile speaker configuration. The NAP 200 utilizes wired connectivity technology, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted audio signal.

To connect speakers, the NAP 200 features banana connectors, offering a convenient and sturdy option for speaker connectivity.

The Naim NAP 200 is specifically designed for home use, providing an enhanced audio experience for users. Its peak power output and RMS power output make it capable of delivering powerful and clear sound. The receiver is optimized for situations where a 2.0 channel setup is preferred.

Constructed with premium materials, the NAP 200 is built for long-term durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand regular use without compromising audio quality.

In summary, the Naim NAP 200 is a wired 2.0 channel receiver with a peak power output of 70W per channel. Its input impedance of 18000 Ω ensures a reliable audio connection. With banana connectors for speaker connectivity, this receiver offers flexibility in speaker configuration. Designed for home use, the NAP 200 delivers powerful and clear audio, and its construction ensures long-lasting durability.

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