Focal 3.1 – A Lovely Gaming Setup

Sometimes, adding rear speakers is not possible. But that does not mean we cannot achieve great sounding results!


Having a 3.1 setup will easily outperform ANY soundbar.

Do not get us wrong. We love complete Home Cinema Setups. From 5.1 all the way to 9.1.6 using several subwoofers! But sometimes it’s not possible because of many reasons. Room size, missing provisions, budget restrictions and aesthetic reasons to name a few. Does that mean we should do nothing? Of course not. We can still achieve great results, far better than the built-in TV speakers or the addition of a cheap soundbar. And a 3.1 setup will offer us exactly that!

This is how a Dolby 3.1 configuration looks like:


As you can see the installation and setup required for such a system is quite simple and extremely easy to setup. All we need is the Left & Right speakers, the Center speaker, a Subwoofer and an AV Receiver.

Enjoy your games, movies & music without clattering your living room with speakers.

There are simply no words to explain the elevation of emotions felt when a game is being played on a decent sound system. Unfortunately many gamers underestimate that part and miss out on a fundamental ingredient of the overall experience. We have witnessed this countless times. You only need to try it once to find out what have you been missing!

“Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience” – George Lucas


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