An Audio/Video Paradise

This was one of our most enjoyable projects because we got to work with many of the brands we represent to offer a complete solution for this customer.

AutomationInstallationHome CinemaOutdoor Audio

A full RTI A/V Automation system has been employed that consists of:

  • 1 x XP-3 Room Processor for the living room entertainment system
  • 1 x Pro24z Smart Remote Control for the living room
  • 1 x XP-3 Room Processor for the basement entertainment system
  • 1 x Pro24z Smart Remote Control for the basement
  • 1 x XP-6 Global Processor
  • 1 x VHD-8x Matrix Audio/Video distribution unit
  • 1 x AD-4X Multi-Room audio Amplifier

Lighting and Climate Automation is expertly handled by Bticino, installed by our sister company YPS Electrosmart.

All the equipment are located in a central area, installed in a 42U rack. This means that no cable mess is visible at the TV areas since no equipment is located there. No equipment = No cables!

Everything can be controlled through the 2 Smart Remote Controls or via the RTI dedicated app through Apple & Android devices.

The TVs are accompanied by the Cabasse Streambars which are High End Soundbars with a wireless subwoofer. They provide stellar sound reinforcement while keeping everything looking sleek. A massive upgrade to the TV speakers that ensures a much more immersive experience on movie nights!

A custom made 40TB NAS is also being used to store the customer’s huge 4K movie collection.

The playback of the movies is being handled by the Zappiti 4K Pro which is a High End media player with an excellent interface and very powerful cataloguing software.

For the outdoor speakers the Ohm KX-3 Weatherproof speakers were chosen and installed at the outdoor covered veranda and around the garden. The powerful 8″ Driver of the KX-3 is ideal for open spaces since it can deliver excellent sound quality and pretty high volumes.