A Clean, Classy Project – JVC, Cabasse & Taga

The Invisible Projector Screen

Where there is a will, there is way! We were tasked to find a solution for a customer that wanted a big screen without the intrusive looks of the screen’s casing. Our solution was to offer an in-ceiling tensioned screen! The first step? Make a huge hole in the gypsum board to accommodate the installation rods that will hold the screen’s casing.

The Infamous installation rods!

Believe it or not, this is the most interesting and crucial part of the installation. Correct and pin-point accurate measurements are essential to ensure a perfect and seamless installation that will be both safe and accurate. Thankfully our brilliant installer, Andreas, is up to the task.

Installing the Screen

Now that the rods are in position, tested and confirmed, the screen must be positioned and secured at its final residence. After that, the gypsum board will be built around it and the painted for the final touch.

The JVC 4K Projector, the Cabasse Stream AMP and the Taga Harmony TCW-280R Speakers

Once the screen was installed, we had to deal with the cabling and positioning of the sources (Apple TV, Nvidia Shield Pro) and the amplifier (Cabasse Stream Amp) since the customer wanted a clean solution. After collaboration with the owner we decided to install a shelf behind the projector and place all the electronics there while routing all the cables through the ceiling. It was predicted that this would get messy but there is nothing that cannot be tidied up in the end!

The Taga TCW-280R will take care of the sound reinforcement driven by the Cabasse Stream Amp which is connected to both on the Apple 4K and the Nvidia Shield!

Almost Done

Getting there. All the cables were routed and tidied up. Making the connections is the final step before getting acquainted with the JVC 4K Projector! The shelf idea seems better and better as the installation is getting close to completion. We use The Chord Company’s Leyline X cable and also In-Akustik’s & Eagle’s  4K HDMI Cables throughout!

A visit at the backstage

Even though this view can only be enjoyed while standing on a ladder and very few will ever gaze eyes upon it, we still made sure that everything will be splendidly positioned. As you can see, the Apple TV 4K, the Nvidia Shield and the Cabasse Stream Amp are now coexisting in perfect harmony!

The JVC 4K Projector

All this work, was for this guy right here! The JVC 4K Projector that will hopefully offer countless hours of enjoyment to the owner. We always prefer a projector over any TV because of the obvious huge screen advantage that TVs are yet to reach. So we delighted that JVC is evolving and offering better and better solutions every year!


Setting up and calibrating a JVC projector is normally a tedious process but once done it rewards you with its fantastic performance. Even though it is harder to do during daytime we managed to complete the calibration and then we re-did it once more once sun called it a day.

The view from below

As you can see (please ignore the open access panel, the electrician had some more work to do!) the view from below is pretty good and pretty clean just like we planned. The result has left us happy and the owner also confirmed that our happiness was justified!