#0001 – [Did you know? – Multi-Room Audio]

#0001 – [Did you know? – Multi-Room Audio]

Here at PowerSound we pride ourselves in providing the best possible Audio / Video Experience for each of our esteemed clients.

Today we will talk about Multi-Room audio and try to keep it simple, because, it should be simple!

What is Multi-Room Audio?

Our take on it is quite simple: Listen to anything you want, anywhere you want in your house, at any volume with full freedom! Meaning that the answer to all of the following questions should be YES!

1. Can I listen to Spotify in my kitchen and at the same time someone else can be listening to Internet Radio in the garden areas? – YES!

2. Can we listen to different volumes? – YES!

3. Can we group all zones and have the same (or different volumes) while we all listen to our Spotify Playlist? – YES!

4. Can our TV sound be distributed to all Zones so we can listen to the football match commentary everywhere in the house? – YES!

5. Can we stream YouTube music to all zones at any volume we want? – YES!

6. Can we use AirPlay ? – YES!

7. Will music keep playing if our phone leaves the Wi-Fi Network? – YES! (Except when streaming through AirPlay or Chromecast).

8. Is it better than simply using Bluetooth? – YES! (Much better coverage, Lossless Quality)

9. Can we build this system gradually? – YES! (Many customers do the provisions for many zones and start by utilizing 2-3 zones, gradually moving up to more zones. All you need to bear in mind, is to make the provisions for the most zones you think you will need. We can also advise you on this!)

10. Is it affordable? – YES! (It all depends on how many zones you plan to have and how much power and quality you are looking to get out of your system!)

11. HELP! My house is already built and we have no provisions! Can you Help? – YES! We got many solutions that feature full active network speakers that do not require any intrusive installation!

12. Will we be able to use our Smartphone to control all the zones without needing to go to a central location and fiddle around with dodgy remote control menus and buttons? – YES! Intuitive APPs are available with all our solutions for both iOS and Android Smartphones.

Give us a call and we can discuss this further. We can even visit your premises and suggest to you a professional solution depending on your needs!



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