Our Story.

During the first year of operation our parent company operated simply as George Stephanis and in 2002 the company was registered as G. Stephanis & Son while in 2006 it finally became G. Stephanis & Son LTD.

In 1993 Stephanos Stephanis, concluded his studies in the field of business and joined the company focusing on car audio installations alongside his father, George Stephanis.

In the year 2000 Mr. Stephanos Stephanis takes over the management of the business and sets as primary goal the increase in business co-operations in the field of car audio installations.

For many years since then our company became one of the leaders in the Cyprus Market in the field of car audio installations. We were the main car audio installers for the Pioneer and Kenwood brands.

Due to our good Cyprus-wide reputation, we managed to become the most accredited and reliable distributors of spare parts for car audio installations both for wholesale and retail with a well-organized network of dealers.

We managed to join the Alpine Company family and sealed the deal of becoming Cyprus’ sole distributor for their products.

With this critical decision, we believe we had achieved a higher level of prestige that would help us promote all of our business-activities with more authority and in a more efficient manner.

In 2006, while the car audio industry was facing difficult times in Cyprus due to the decrease in car audio sales, we proceeded to the purchase of Powersound LTD, a company (which was founded in 2000) also specializing in the sales of car audio and installations and holding a very big share of the market.

Mr. Andreas Akritas was established as a the CEO and his vast experience even at that young age, greatly inspired and formulated the rapid evolution of Powersound in the Car Audio Market.

Mr. Akritas had much bigger plans for Powersound: In 2007 we decided to shift the focus of Powersound from Car Audio to Home Audio and Pro Audio while keeping the Car Audio Section also active.

At first, we were dealing with local distributors and we started by selling brands that we could acquire locally thus building up a name and reputation around Powersound connecting it with High Quality products and excellent installation skills in the Residential and Commercial Sector.

Later on, we added the Vogel’s High Quality TV Mounts in our lineup (Powersound was appointed as the Nicosia Distributor, and that helped us infiltrate the home audio and P.A market even further.)

As time went by, we decided that it was the right moment to start importing our own P.A and Home Audio Systems so we were appointed Cyprus Distributors for FOCAL (For High End Home Audio and Car audio Systems) that helped us get into the High-End market, since FOCAL is a very prestigious and well-respected brand around the world.

As a result, we have achieved what was planned all along. G. Stephanis & Son to be strengthened even more in the Car Audio Field and Powersound to become a leading company in Home & Pro Audio / Video.

In 2013 Power Sound achieved another important milestone! We successfully negotiated and agreed to become the sole distributors of another 2 very important high-end brands: Cyrus and Naim.

These 2 brands are very prestigious throughout the world and their electronics (Amplifiers, streamers, cd players) helped our line up become more complete and they blended excellently with our Focal line up of products.

We managed to organize and fortify two companies with different goal markets, thus making them well respected and highly regarded in their field of expertise.

Even though the two companies are focused on different markets, we have organized them as such, to be able to help each other out since they operate under the same family of products which is high-fidelity sound and video (AV).

As the years passed by, we developed relationships with more brands that helped us bridge the gaps in areas that we were lacking and helped us strive to accomplish our target which was to be able to offer a complete Audio / Video solution for contractors and end-customers.

We can now offer turn-key solutions in almost every aspect of the residential and pro audio sector. Audio/Video, Automations, System Design, Installation and support!

Our goal remains the same: Offer a one stop solution for everything that has to do with Audio / Video products and services at the High-End sector.

Stay up to date with market trends and changes and offer our customers the best products and services for their specific needs / projects.

We are always trying to find ways to better ourselves and improve our offerings to the market.

PowerSound Today.

Everyday is day is a latter day at Powersound. We never stop our pursuit for self improvement.

We strive daily to keep up with all the AV technological advancements so that we can confidently serve our esteemed clientele.

Our journey has been one of steady improvement since the very beginning and this is what we will continue to do so that we can provide the best possible products, services and most importantly, support to everyone that honors us with their business.

Our Brands.

Home Audio

1. Focal (France) – High End Stereo and Home Cinema Speakers
2. Naim (UK) – High End Electronics
3. Cyrus (UK) – High End Electronics
4. SVS- High End Subwoofers
5. Artnovion (Portugal) – Sound Treatment Panels
6. TAGA (Poland) – Home Cinema & Stereo Speakers, and Electronics
7. Iso-Acoustics (USA) – Isolation Products
8. Cabasse (France) – High End Home Cinema & Stereo Speakers
9. The Chord Company – High End Speaker Cables and Interconnects
10. JVC (Japan) – Projectors and Headphones
11. Scheu Analog (Germany) – Turntables
12. Dual (Germany) – Turntables
13. RTI (USA) – Automation Solutions
14. Monkey Banana (Germany) – Studio Monitors & Microphones
15. Primare (Sweeden) – High End Electronics
16. Goldnote (Italy) – High End Speakers & Electronics
17. In-Akustik (Germany) – High End Cables, Electronics, Isolation Platforms

Pro Audio

1. Ohm UK (UK)
2. Lynx Pro Audio (Spain)
3. EAW (USA)
4. Monacor (Germany)

Car Audio

1. Focal (France)
2. Gladen (Germany)
3. Zenec (Austria)
4. Xzent (Austria)
5. Radical (Austria)
6. Emphaser (Germany)
7. Eton (Germany)
8. Kewnood (Japan)
9. Alpine (Japan)
10. ACV (Germany)
11. Connects2 (UK)
12. Bury (Germany)

Our Showroom

Ifigenias 2,
Strovolos, Nicosia, 2007,
Directions: Click Here

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 09:00 – 17:30
  • Tuesday: 09:00 – 17:30
  • Wednesday: 09:00 – 15:00
  • Thursday: 09:00 – 17:30
  • Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00
  • Sunday: Closed

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