2-Way Coaxial Speaker 60W 6.5″ (17cm)


6.5″ (165mm) two-way coaxial kit

Upgrade your car’s factory system with a kit that is easy to install and capable of great performance. Rediscover the pleasure of driving to your favourite music with speaker drivers wired to your current head unit.

Focal’s famous inverted dome tweeter is an integral component of this coaxial kit to provide excellent linearity. With the compact design of the tweeter and its frame, it can be easily mounted for perfect integration into your vehicle’s doors.

The high sensitivity of this kit sets it apart from your vehicle’s factory system, while keeping your current head unit. Auditor makes technology Focal sound accessible to all!

Grilles supplied.


The car audio kits in the Auditor line feature high-end technology: they still have a 1″ (25mm) voice coil on a kapton frame, a powerful 31/3″ (85mm) magnet, a matt black polypropylene cone and butyl suspension…but the new feature for 2017 is our famous inverted dome tweeter, a key representative of Focal’s core values. The Mylar used for the dome allows for a combination of extremely low mass, minimal directivity and excellent linearity in the high end, something which is unprecedented in this price range.


The design of the steel baskets is clearly inspired by the Performance ranges, recognisable by the double arms. The design of the tweeter can be easily installed in the vehicle’s factory locations.



Speakers Type (Car)

Coaxial, 2-Way, 17cm (6.5")


Focal Auditor Series

Technical Specifications:

Type of loudspeaker 2-way coaxial
Drivers Woofer 6.5″ (17cm), Tweeter 1″ (25mm)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 60Hz-21kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91.5dB
Nominal impedance
DC resistance 3.3Ω
Surround type Butyl
Cone type Polypropylene
Power (RMS) 60W
Power (Peak) 120W
Net Weight 900g
Mounting Depth 6.25cm




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