IC MBZ 100


2-way Coaxial Set 40W 4″ For Mercedes Vehicles



Designed specifically for vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz group, the high-fidelity coaxial kit IC MBZ 100 is a leading hi-fi solution that fits easily and discreetly into your car.
IC MBZ 100 is the ideal product for car models that do not have specific locations for tweeters.
The speaker drivers include the Flax sandwich cone, which is made in France, and which delivers natural midranges and ultra-real voices. To further optimise performance within very small spaces, this kit includes a neodymium motor.

For an intense experience, you can combine this kit with ISUB MBZ 2 subwoofers, fitted with Polyglass cones and fully compatible with the Focal Inside concept: 100% Plug & Play.


  • Developed and made in France
  • Quick and easy to install with no modifications to the vehicle required
  • Seamless integration into the cabin
  • High-fidelity sound and excellent power handling
  • Advanced speaker driver protection
  • Dedicated manufacturer Plug & Play connector




C class

W205 Sedan 2014-2021
V205 Limousine 2014-
C205 Coupe 2015-
A205 Convertible 2016-
S205 Break T 2014-

E class

W213 Sedan 2016-
V213 Limousine 2016-
C238 Coupe 2017-
A238 Convertible 2017-
S213 Break 2016

GLC class

X53 Suv 2015-
C53 Suv coupe 2015-

EQC class

E suv 2020-

CLS class

W257 Sedan 2018-

GLE class

C292 Coupe 2015-
V/W167 Suv 2018-

GLS class

X167 Suv 2018-

G class

W463 Suv 2018-


gt 2 doors Coupe 2018-
gt 4 doors Sedan 2018-


Speakers Type (Car)

Coaxial, 2-Way, 10cm (4")


Focal Plug & Play

Car Specific Kits


Technical Specifications:

Type of loudspeaker 2-way coaxial set For Mercedes
Drivers Woofer 4″ (100mm), Tweeter 1″ (25mm)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 150Hz-20Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 88dB
Nominal impedance
DC resistance 3.27Ω
Surround type Butyl
Cone type Flax Cone
Power (RMS) 40W
Power (Peak) 80W
Net Weight 250g




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