Dome 5.1


Home Cinema 5.1 Set


Recommended Room size: 320ft2 to 430ft2.

Dôme is a high-end system, made in France, focusing on miniaturization as much as on high-tech. Dôme’s sleek and timeless design makes this 2-way loudspeaker suitable for all living spaces whether on a table, mounted to a wall or an optional stand.

The lacquered finish gives Dôme a trendy look which blends in perfectly with a flat-panel display.

Thanks to its near-unlimited power handling, Dôme produces a rich and detailed sound.

This subwoofer is the logical follow-up to the Dôme concept.

When used with Dôme satellite speakers, it offers a sound comparable to that of much larger and bulkier speakers! To achieve this level of sound, the Dôme Subwoofer uses the very best in loudspeaker technology and a hybrid digital/analogue BASH® amplifier.

This pack is composed with 5 Dôme polyglass loudspeakers and Dôme subwoofer.



Speaker Type (Home)

20cm Bass Driver, Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted, Stand Mounted

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Black High Gloss, Red High Gloss, White High Gloss

Technical Specifications (Dome Sub):

Bass: 1 x 8” (20cm) Polyglass Woofer
Amplifier: 150W RMS
Frequency response (±3dB):  42Hz – 200Hz
Low frequency point (-6dB): 35Hz
Crossover:  Variable crossover 50Hz to 200Hz
Phase: Phase inverter 0°/180°
Auto power on: Yes
LFE Input: Yes
High Level Input:  Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD)  400 x 276 x 276mm
Net weight: 8.2kg

Technical Specifications (Dome Satellite):

Type: 2-way compact sealed speaker
Drivers: 4″ (10cm) Polyglass mid-bass, 1″ (25mm) Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (±3dB):  80Hz – 28 kHz
Low frequency point (-6dB): 8 ohms
Minimum impedance: 4 ohms
Crossover Frequency: 2500Hz
Recommended amplifier power: 25 – 100W
Dimensions (HxWxD)  172 x 144 x 143mm
Net weight: 1.9kg




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