Scheu Analogue

Scheu Analogue Manual Turntable


The idea that came to us in the hustle and bustle of the High End 2006 when we saw the females of the audiophile species looking rather unhappy was to bring the first `feminist´ record player into the market: fully assembled, with a pre-tuned cartridge and tracking weight, the set-up a piece of cake, and the whole thing in shocking pink!!!!

The little brother (or sister?) of our big turntables was born! The Hi-Fi community ridiculed and scoffed initially, but, to our surprise, the Pink Diamond has sold almost as often as the Black Diamond. And to lots of very serious male enthusiasts, too.

Katie Melua was the world’s first proud owner of this model (although she chose the simple black version), and she is still having fun using it today. It can be seen a number of times in her album teaser on YouTube.

The Diamond features the Cantus 12″ tonearm with a unipivot bearing where the arm is not actually a wand but is made up of a visually fascinating mechanical framework. This reduces the ubiquitous resonances to an absolute minimum.

The Sound

The Diamonds sound is particularly intense at small line-ups such as singer/songwriter, jazz and chamber music thanks to its high resolution and intense stereoscopic depth.

Finish & Versions

Chassis Colour:
Very pink, very classy, very outstanding – that is the `Diamond´. It is also available in black and transparent as well as with a slate chassis.

Platter Colour:
The platter comes in matt acrylic as standard. A polished platter is also available upon request, at extra cost.

Motor Colour:
The motor is made out of solid aluminium and can optionally be black anodized or polished to a high gloss. As standard, dark turntables are supplied with a black motor and light /transparent turntables with a high-gloss motor.

Cantus 12″ Tonearm

The Cantus is a tonearm with a unipivot bearing where the arm is not actually a wand but is made up of a visually fascinating mechanical framework. This reduces the ubiquitous resonances to an absolute minimum.

The counterweight is made of tungsten allowing the tracking weight to be adjusted very easily and reliably. The suspended counterweight design and the breadth of the frame around the bearing make for perfect balancing of the horizontal tracking angle without the need for complex adjustment.

The Cantus is available in two versions: a 9-inch version with an effective length of 229 mm (pivot-to-spindle distance 212 mm) and a 12-inch model with an effective length of 306 mm (pivot-to-spindle distance 293.5 mm).

The Cantus mechanical framework reduces the ubiquitous resonances to an absolute minimum, creating an unbelievably energetic but still ‘relaxed’ sound.

MC Scheu Cartridge

The new MC Scheu SL cartridge is a fine supplement to our family of stylus pick-ups. It is based on the well known Benz Micro ACE S. Each pick-up is hand-made, individually measured out and audio tested.
The low-output pick-up MC Scheu SL is equipped with a Namiki micro-ridge diamond stylus tip. We are convinced of the advantages of supplying only low-output variants. The MC Scheu SL has an output of about 0.4 mV running at a speed of 3.54 cm/s.


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Classic MK II 10", Classic MK II 12", Cantus 9", Cantus 12", Tacco 9"


Platter: Acrylic, precision-turned with 1/100mm tolerance, 50 mm height, 4.7 kg
Drive belt: Nylon string
Pulley: For string drive, stainless steel
Motor: Electronically regulated DC-Motor for 33 and 45 rpm, stand-alone, massive metal housing
Weight: 18 kg
Dimensions: 480mm x 430 mm
Cartridge System Type: Moving Coil
Cantilever: Solid boron rod, 0.28 mm diameter
Stylus: Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished
Stylus tip radius: 3 x 60 μm
Vertical tracking angle (VTA): 20 degrees
Coil: Pure iron cross
Weight: 8,8 gr
Output voltage: ca. 0.4 mV @ 3.54 cm/s
Internal impedance: ca. 12 ohms
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 1 dB
Channel balance: < 0.5dB Channel separation: > 35 dB @ 1 kHz
Tracking ability: at 315 Hz at a tracking force of 2 grams: 80 µm
Dynamic compliance: 15 µm/mN
Recommended loading: 100 – 47.000 Ohm
Recommended tracking force: 1.7 – 2.0 gr
Optimum tracking force: 1.7 – 1.8 gr
Recommended tonearm mass: Medium to high
Optimum working temperature: 23° C
Tonearm Functional principle: Unipivot bearing framework tonearm made of acrylic glass
Cantus 9-inch: Effective length: 229 mm
Overhang: 27 mm
Distance from pivot to spindle: 212 mm
Cantus 12-inch: Effective length: 307,5 mm
Overhang: 14 mm
Distance from pivot to spindle: 293,5 mm