Excellence Gel-Absorber

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Speaker Absorbers

Excellence Gel-Absorber

High-end and hi-fi systems are a combination of highly precise and delicate devices. Perfectly attuned to each other, they allow music to be played back in outstanding quality. So that all components can work without interference, just like sensitive measuring equipment they need to be kept free of vibrations and shocks as far as possible. Vibrations are caused in different ways and they can be transmitted by structure-borne and airborne noise. The absorbers provide a remedy here. The Excellence Gel Absorbers have a special gel mixture at their core that can take up, i.e. absorb, vibration energy. They decouple loudspeakers and devices from the surface on which they are standing. You could say that it is sufficient to decouple the loudspeakers. But, as described above, there is still air-borne noise that also acts on the surface on which the devices are standing. So it therefore makes sense to decouple all of the devices from the surfaces on which they are standing. The same applies to devices such as CD players or hard drives that produce mechanical vibrations themselves and need to be kept away from other components as far as this is possible.

  • 4 pcs high tech gel absorber
  • Plates made of stainless steel
  • Withstands up to 20 kg
  • Felt pads and adhesive pads
  • Dimensions approx. 45 x 5 mm (D x H)
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