Flatsub 8.2

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Active Subwoofer 8″(200mm) 250W


Flatsub 8.2

Active Subwoofer

Flatsub 8.2 is unique active sub designed to hang on a wall. A small giant, big bass sound in a small box. Flatsub 8.2 matches all DLS speakers superbly but also others. Thanks to the front facing variable volume level, low-pass filter and phase shift control, you can adapt it to any listening environment and any speaker setup.

Built-in highly efficient digital 250 Watt amplifier with AutoStart. Adjustable wall bracket makes possible to be hung horizontally or vertically.

Available in black high gloss piano paint. Both a white and a black fabric front grille is included.

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Technical Specifications:

Description: Active subwoofer for wall mount
Finish : High Gloss Black finish with black and white front grille
Amplifier: Digital 250 Watts
Woofer size: 8″
Frequency range: 25 – 200 Hz
Low pass filter 40 – 200 Hz
High pass filter 25 Hz
Low level input/Output Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 465 x 171 x 300 mm
Net weight: 12.5kg