Line Conditioner 1-Way (AV)

Picture Enhancement For Plasma & LCD Displays

The ISOL-8 VMC1080 is designed to provide a clean, stable and noise-free mains supply to any video display, to protect against damaging voltage spikes and to improve picture quality.

By designing from the ground up specifically for video displays it is possible to offer very high performance in a small package. Using a combination of differential, and unusually, series mode filtration, the VMC1080 provides massive noise reduction.

As well as protecting the video display, and hence the owner’s investment in these valuable components, against damage from high voltage spikes, the ISOL-8 VMC1080 also allows Plasma, LCD and CRT televisions as well as high quality video projectors to reach their true performance potential with improved contrast, more vivid colours, better image depth and a sharper, more focused and less grainy picture.

The ISOL-8 VMC1080 is designed to be used close to the video display that it is powering, its small size allows it to be secured to the mounting bracket for the display, the back of display itself or to the wall. A mounting kit is included.

An IEC output lead is supplied which is suitable for most situations.



Conditioner Features

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Technical Specifications:

Number of available outlets: 1
Construction: Aluminum top plate “titanium” anodise. Powder coated steel chassis
Chassis: Non magnetic and non resonant
Wiring: Silver plated copper with PTFE insulation
Maximum Current: 5 Amps
Input / Output: IEC
Filtering: Surge protected, Differential filter, Serial filter
Usage: High quality power conditioning for displays
Net Weight 1.25Kg
Dimensions: 226 x 75 x 43mm




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