USB Type C to 3.5mm and CF (PD) Converter

SKU: X-UA200


USB Type C / 3.5mm and CF (PD) Converter


USB-C male to 3.5mm female + USB-C (PD) female adapter, black

This adapter allows the use of speakers / headphones featuring a 3.5mm jack connector on a mobile device / laptop with USB-C port. The adapter is “Power Delivery” capable via the USB-C socket and can therefore simultaneously power and/or charge the connected mobile device. The device is Plug&Play and thus requires no external drivers or dongles. The housing of the adapter is made of ABS plastic and is therefore robust and durable. The USB-C connector is designed for everyday use – contemporary design, small and lightweight, perfect for transportation.


  • USB-C male to USB-C female + 3.5mm jack female
  • Connect headphones / speakers with 3.5mm jack plug to mobile device with USB-C and charge at the same time
  • USB-C Revision 1.1
  • USB Power Delivery (via USB-C) Revision 2.0 (100W)
  • Simply connect your modern USB-C mobile device with any legacy headphones


Extraordinary quality for perfect connections

1. USB-C connector male
2. USB-C connector female + 3.5mm jack female

Connection of headphones / speakers with 3.5mm jack to your USB-C mobile device while charging.

– USB- Typ-C Rev.1.1
– USB Power Delivery Rev.2.0



Jack 3.5mm, USB Type C to 3.5mm and CF (PD), USB-C

Technical Specifications:

Input connector(s): 1x USB-C male
Output connector(s): 1x USB-C female, 1x 3,5mm jack female
Power connector(s): USB-C (PD 2.0)
Connector material: ABS
Supported standards: Power Delivery 2.0, USB-C 1.1
Supported audio standards: Stereo
Safety: RoHS, CE
Colour: Black



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