RES 12



Active Spare Wheel Subwoofer 12″ 500W


Active Spare Wheel Subwoofer 300 mm (12″)

The RES subwoofer series stands for hidden bass, full! The special feature of this series is the hidden installation in the spare wheel (from 15″ rim), i.e. the subwoofer can be hidden in the spare wheel well and the original spare wheel can still be carried along. This is thanks to the solid die-cast aluminum housing and the special construction The new RES 12 has an extremely powerful 300 mm (12″) subwoofer with ferrite magnet and stiffened aluminum membrane for extreme bass kicks and powerful deep bass passages. The special design of the driver allows for easy installation in the middle of the subwoofer, so the original assembly mandrel of the spare wheel can still be used. The RES 12 has an extremely powerful active module with 500 W music output and low-pass filter as well as DC/SIG switch-on detection. Incl. level remote control with phase shift, engineered in Germany.


300 mm (12″) active subwoofer for the inside of the spare wheel (from 15″ rim size and more) or can be mounted directly in the spare wheel well. Thanks to the special construction, the new RES 12 in the ETON Stealth design is simply screwed in the middle and can thus be secured with the spare wheel’s original mounting mandrel. This makes hidden bass possible without having to do without the spare wheel! The extremely rigid aluminum cone in combination with the strong ferrite magnet and the special double bead result in rock-hard kick bass! In terms of depth, the RES 12 is also convincing, deep bass passages are no problem! The integrated active amplifier module provides a full 200 W RMS at 2 ohms and 500 W music load capacity, high and low level inputs with integrated low-pass filter 50 – 100 Hz.

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Subwoofers (Car)

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Technical Specifications:

Type of loudspeaker: Subwoofer Active
Driver: 12″ (30cm)
Power (RMS): 200W
Power (Peak): 500W
Low Pass Filter: 50 – 100 Hz
Auto Turn On: Yes
Sensitivity: 91dB