Stereo Setup with Focal Aria 948 and Naim Uniti

A Stereo System with the Focal Aria 948!

This lovely attic has be turned into a beautiful listening room! You see, the owner like to work in the attic and those long late hours could use a bit of enrichement. And what a better way to enrich them than being able to enjoy his favorite music by a very potent Hi-Fi Stereo System? – Let’s get to work!

Naim Unitilite – The Engine!

To drive the Focal Aria 948, we have chosen the Naim Audio Unitilite! The UnitiLite distils the qualities and functionality of our original award-winning all-in-one into a slimline enclosure. So it will handle CDs via a mechanised front-panel tray, high-resolution music streaming over UPnP, DAB+/DAB/FM and internet radio and digital sources via one of five 24bit/192kHz-capable inputs. It also has Spotify Connect built-in, Bluetooth (aptX) connectivity and support for TIDAL High Fidelity Music Streaming service seamlessly integrated into the Naim App. For all its slimline versatility its 50W integrated amplifier provides it with a heavyweight sound which sets it apart as a product worthy of the Naim Audio badge.

Into the Groove!

Being a music lover, the owner could not do without a turntable! Thankfully the Naim Unitilite has analogue inputs as well so we added a phono-stage (phono pre-amp) and the turntable was easy to integrate after that.

Almost Ready

Having the system assembled bit by bit seems to transform the room from an empty attic to something completely new and exciting. Whether the owner fancies CD Playback, Turntable playback or Digital Playback / Streaming, the system is going to be able to provide the goods!


It sound and looks fantastic. Yes sure, sound is the most important attribute of any Hi-Fi system but we also love some Hi-Fi eye-candy! Why can’t we have both right? And in this case this looks as good as it sounds and vice-versa!

Focal Headphones – With a guardian!

The Focal Spirit Pro headphones are being used by the owner when loud music is not possible! And what better guardian or headphone stand could he possible have from Hulk himself? Awesome!

Ready for Action!

There you have it! Completed and ready to be enjoyed! You might have also noticed the Naim Mu-so which sits in the middle of the furniture and wonder “Why does he need that?” ? Well it was used to provide us with music during the build-up and it stayed for the photo!


We know what happiness looks like every time we finish assembling a Hi-Fi system. And this is exactly what it looks like! Enjoy!

Products Used:

2 x Focal Aria 948 Speakers
1 x Naim Unitilite
1 x Naim Mu-so QB
1 x Isol-8 Substation Integra Line Conditioner
1 x The Chord Company 3m pair Epic X Speaker Cable
1 x The Chord Company Shawline Interconnect
3 x The Chord Company Shawline Power Chords
2 x Iso-Acoustic Isolation Feet sets (GAIA Series)




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