Porsche Boxter – Kenwood 10.1″ Unit

A massive screen for a beautiful car!

Installing the Kenwood DMX-9720XDS in this Porsche was just meant to be.

It’s not always easy to fit such a big unit in any car but the Porsche has adequate space to accommodate it.

Once we determined that the huge screen would not get in the way of anything located on the dashboard, it was an easy decision.

The customer did tell us that he wants the biggest screen possible and we agreed.

This is a significant upgrade from the factory unit and not only because of the 10.1″ screen size.

As you can probably imagine, the customer is a much happier Porsche owner now!


FeaturesProducts Used

The Porsche now has the following features:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Navigation through Google Maps, Waze, etc
  • Wireless Mirroring
  • USB Audio / Video Playback
  • Up to 4 Camera Inputs (Already 2 are installed, for front & rear)
  • Wi-Fi
  • 13 Band Equalizer
  • HDMI Input
  • Bluetooth 5.0



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